Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pirchei of Forshay holds Tzitzis Workshop

Motzei Shabbos. For fathers and sons across the globe, that means one thing. Going to Shul and learning together. The program is known as Avos Ubanim International, was founded on the premise that children, with the encouragement of some “Shelo Lishmah”, would spend the time on a Motzei Shabbos learning Torah with their fathers.
The program has hundreds of locations, many of them here in Monsey.
Over the past few years, I have merited the tremendous Nachas of seeing my son eager to attend the program, anxious not to miss even one week! The Motsei Shabbos learning has become the highlit of my week.
The impact of a father on his children is incalculable. ChaZal tell us that even the one child of Yaakov Avinu who was named HaTzadik, Yosef, was almost Nichshol with the Eishes Poti Fera – But was saved when an image of his father appeared before his eyes.
In the times that we live in, where as much as we try to shield our children, they are pounded with messages from the outside world we would prefer to keep out. There is no question that spending time learning with one’s children is one way to “fortify” them against a world of temptation.
It is interesting to note, there is one more story recounted in the Gemoroh Mesechtas Menachos, of somebody who was going to Nichshol in a similar Aveira – but was saved through a Mitzvah. In this case, it was a Talmid of Rav Chiya who was tempted, but was saved when he saw his Tzitzis.
It was much to my delight, when Pirchei of Forshay, which runs the local Avos Ubanim chapter, had a Tzitzis workshop last Sunday. Children from all over the area came to Kehillas Beis Avrohom, and with the help of fathers, friends, and volunteers from Yeshiva Ohel Torah, learned how to make a Kosher pair of Tzitzis.
It was truly a sight to behold. Over a hundred children, bent over the Beged, with the sound of “L’Shem Mitzvas Tzitzis reverberating through the room in a constant murmur, as the knots and knotted and the strings were wound around the others.
Memories of that special evening still bring a tremendous feeling of gratitude to those who were behind the evening. Mr. Perry Dubinsky, who showed everybody how to make the Tzitzis Kosher, Mr. Malin who organized the event, and most of all, David Neuman, who is in charge of making sure that the learning program goes smoothly – every single Motzei Shabbos throughout the winter. May they all be Zoche to see much Nachas from their families.

72 Straight hours of Davenning at Meron

There are hard times upon us. The Jewish nation as a whole is suffering and every individual Jew is suffering.
These are unprecedented turbulent times, where the anguished cries of yidden are heard across the globe, from far off India –to the local shul. Whether it’s the Mumbai massacre, the war in Gaza, the financial instability in America, the shidduch crisis or rampant disease and unnatural accidents, young widows and widowers, or the fate of oh so many orphans – who has not been affected?
How can we remain silent?
At the behest of the Gedolei Hador shli”ta, it is incumbent upon each and every one of us, to join together as one, and raise our voices in prayer to our merciful Father. We dare not sit idly by and say “let events take their natural course “. It is time to cry out, move heaven and earth, and beg for compassion. It is time to take immediate action.
Going back in time how did Mordechai hatzadik respond when he heard about the decree of Achashveirosh, or when the Germans stood at the Egyptian border ready to invade Israel, or when Saddam Hussein pointed missiles at us, and throughout our history of persecution, how did our Gedolim respond? With 3 days of consecutive prayer.
Following in the ways of generations before us, who, when faced with the sword, raised their eyes to the heavens, a massive Tefilla event has been organized. For 72 hours – 72 being the numerical value of the word “chesed”, the goodness with which we beg Hakadosh Baruch Hu to respond –tefillos and tehillim will be recited around the clock.
This monumental gathering will take place by a minyan of select Talmidei Chachomim in Meron, at the grave site of the holy tana Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, on February 3-6. Many of the Gedolei Uposkei hador shli”ta have commited to attend during the course of the three days. Tefillos will commence at chatzos on Monday night (Feb. 3) of Parshas Beshalach. Tuesday, (Feb. 4) Parshas Beshalach, the first day of the 3 day cycle of Tehillim will also include the recitation of Parshas Haman, which, according to the teachings of R’ Mendel of Riminov zt”l, is a segulah for parnassah. The neila of this event will take place Thursday night (Feb. 6) at chatzos. The final tefillos will be accompanied by the voice of thousands of Yidden who come to pray in Meron on Thurday nights during “shovavim”. After the completion of sefer Tehillim on Thursday night, the selichos of shelosh esrei midos will be recited along with parshas heketoros, which have immense power to nullify bitter decrees, and the last call for rachamim will be the sound of the shofar being blown.
This order of tefillos was set by the elders of Tzfas who were renowned for their piety and whose blessings are known to miraculously be fulfilled.
The full program of the 3 day gathering will be broadcast via live hook up to enable our brothers across the globe to participate and daven along for all the harsh decrees hanging over our heads to be annulled and for the coming of Moshiach speedily in our days.
May it be the will of our Merciful father that our prayers are accepted on High for the good of Jews everywhere, and that these days of sorrow are changed into days of joy.
Special thanks to Rabbi Cohen Shlit”a of Jerusalem Open House/Linas Hachesed organization initiating this project.
To have your name/ personal request mentioned please call Linas Hachesed 1-800-216-8905. to participate via live broadcast call 1-212-461-4830 #22222.